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we will have a complete wrap up from the red carpet. >> i am on a drug. it is called charlie sheen. >> if the troubled actor posing candid confessions abc news. -- the troubled actor's candid confessions. >> it is springtime almost. abc news continuing. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this monday, february 28. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. welcome, everybody. are we headed towards spring officially? >> it is a little early to say that in washington. tomorrow is the start of
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meteorological spring, march 1. let's start with a look at live super doppler 7. we have a few light sprinkles and light showers moving through the district as we speak and in and around the beltway, southern maryland, stafford, fredericksburg also seeing light rain. that is pushing to the east. a little sunshine this morning will destabilize the atmosphere and temperatures will drop with a southerly wind. it will be gusty today with thunderstorms possible this afternoon. some of those could become severe. high temperatures around 70. clearing and windy tonight in the 30's. northerly wind at 20 to 30. in low 40's despite total sunshine tomorrow. woodbrige, number one 95, delays past the occoquan river, slowing again of newington to
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springfield, 395 is good. 66, delays from monopolists at the rest area and then at 50. the beltway looks good at the american legion bridge. the wilson bridge looks good. the beltway at fedex field as well. across the wilson bridge, looks good in the local lanes and the poulaines at alexandria and oxon hill. back to you. >> thank you. it was a night of glitz, glamour, and a few surprises at the kodak theatre in hollywood for those who make movies and those who love to watch them. the movie industry's chance to pay tribute to the best of the best. >> arch campbell and ms. simpson weren't on the red carpet rubbing elbows with the star is lucky enough to take home one of those statues. >> natalie portman.
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and a few shocking moments. >> when i watched a few years ago, it looked so [bleep easy. >> melissa leo, left everyone speechless. and christian bale was emotional. >> my wife is my mast. >> james franco and anne hathaway energized the crowd with a song. >> ♪ i thought australians were our allies ♪ >> she danced and there was a little cross dressing as well. natalie portman won best actress for "black swan." colin firth for best actor in an "the king's speech."
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and that film got the best film. the big winners were not big surprises. they had also won at the "golden globes, the independent spirit awards, and sag awards. back to you. >> thank you. could stay with us for complete coverage of the academy award winners. coming up a little later, a look at a post-oscar party with jimmy kimmel. a d.c. police officers in the hospital after getting hit by a car. this happened late last night on the key bridge between georgetown and rosslyn. courtney robinson is live at george washington university hospital where the officer is recovering. good morning. >> good morning. this officer is in stable condition, alert and conscious. we were on the scene of this happened late last night on the key bridge. this is video that you will only see on 7.
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this officer was responding to press on the key bridge while investigating and directing traffic. another vehicle hit him from behind and he was thrown into the windshield. paramedics transported him to adored washington university hospital after he suffered head injuries from the crash. according to metropolitan police, they have called for assistance from the u.s. capitol police to deliver a sobriety test to the driver of the vehicle that hit the officer. we don't know the results of that. we understand that charges are pending. we will continue to follow this and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. courtney robinson reporting. two people in serious condition after another crash. this one was in prince george's county. emergency crews found a car in the woods early this morning along crane highway. two people had to be cut out of the vehicle and were rushed to hospital. the probe into the use of synthetic marijuana at the u.s.
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naval academy is intensifying. academy leaders say that more expulsions are expected. the investigation into the use of the drug known as spice began in october. eight midshipmen have been expelled including one last week. summit shipman tell us that the drug is widely used at the academy -- some midshipmen. the last surviving american world war rahman one veteran has died. he was 110 years old and he died at his home in west virginia. -- world war rahman oi veteran. some breaking news from the united arab emirates. four americans have died in a plane crash. the u.s. embassy says the private plane had just taken off for saudi arabia when it's a
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pat-down. it was eventually on its way back to the u.s. the victims have not been identified gatt. the obama administration is offering to help libyans trying to oust their longtime leader moammar gaddafi. protesters now control city close to the capital appeared there are reports of food shortages in tripoli. if this comes as a moammar gaddafi and's sons say that their father will fight to glass. that standoff in libya, is hitting driver is in the wallets in the u.s. gas prices jumped 13 cents last week. oil reached nearly $100 a barrel on fears the unrest could spread to other oil-producing countries. the national average for regular is $3.35 a gallon. in the d.c. area, and $3.33 a gallon. 47 degrees outside. >> still to come, a government shutdown showdown. congress is back and the clock
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is ticking. we will have a live report. >> the countdown to the ballroom unchallenge -- challenge.
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welcome to the animal welfare league of arlington where there is a pet waiting for everyone. >> good morning, washington. monday morning, adam caskey with your forecast. temperatures are in low 40's, 46 downtown, 43 at dulles and manassas and hagerstown. temperatures will be climbing to nearly 70 this afternoon.
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we are expecting some action later on today in the form of thunderstorms, some of which could become severe especially around 3:00 p.m. in the district. moving off to the east. the biggest threat is potentially damaging wind and possible hail. otherwise, it will be windy regardless of whether there are thunderstorms. windy today and tonight. temperatures dropping down to low 40's for high temperatures tomorrow. noticeably dryer and cooler. we could get an inch of rain over what we had last night. cooler and sunny for the rest of the workweek, chance of showers by late friday. heavier volume of traffic. no accidents around the beltway. there was a car on the outer loop between 23 and6 braddock rd., but that's gone. delays on the red line from metro rail.
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they are single-tracking between grosvenor and medical center. red line customers, anticipate delays. let's look at 395 northbound to, let's show you the pace at duke street, not bad. in maryland, looks good at 270 southbound @ father hurley boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12. buses will soon be running along the intercounty connector economy starting tomorrow. it will operate two bus routes along the icc. >> one is going to run from gaithersburg to fort meade and the other from gaithersburg to bwi airport and the buses will run all day at the airport and the buses will be free two weeks. 47 degrees outside. >> coming up, twitter, who wants a stake in the social network.
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>> this shutdown showdown continues as congress heads back to the hill today. that story coming up. >> astronauts on board the international space station will make some repairs. international space station will make some repairs. [music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front...
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adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. captioned by the national captioning institute checking our top stories. the story of december in king was the big winner at the oscars. "the king's speech wo" won best picture. colin firth won best actor. natalie portman won best actress for "black swan." melissa leo won best supporting actress for "the fighter." christian bale won best supporting actor for "the fighter." an officer was investigating a crash in d.c. when he was hit by another car. the driver stayed at the scene. the officer is said to be in stable condition.
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it will be a busy day for two astronauts. nasa says that they will take a space walk to remove a broken among upon at the international space station pier they will also install an extension cable and do some other chores. on the hill today, lawmakers go back to work a little bit later. a top priority will be hammering out the spending deal that would avoid a government shutdown. with big differences between what the white house wants and what congress will pay for, it could be a close call. brianne carter story. >> both sides say they are hoping to avoid a shutdown, but if they don't make a decision quickly, that is what will happen. lawmakers will have to agree on a spending plan before the march 4 deadline. republicans and democrats cannot seem to agree on what should happen.
6:16 am
house republicans have proposed four billion dollars in cuts that would keep the government running for the next few weeks, however, some democrats have opposed to an extension on the current spending plan. if some republican leaders say that cuts need to happen in order for republicans to be on board. if they cannot come to agreement, the impact could be far-reaching. museums and monuments along the national mall could close. federal workers, according to them, could be followed and we could see an impact on city services in d.c. >> it is not just the government shutting down. it is all the things that they would take away from us. >> i am concerned. i cannot afford to be furloughed. >> certainly there are concerns from people living in the nation's capital. there was a little bit of movement forward over the weekend. some democrats signaling that
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they may be willing to discuss the plan to forward by house republicans. voting is expected tomorrow. live on capitol hill, brianne carter, abc 7 news. many of the nation's governors gathered at the white house last night for a reception hosted by president obama and the first lady. today the governor's staff will go back to the white house for meetings with the president. protesters are still inside the wisconsin state capitol building today. police have urged the demonstrators to leave by 4:00 p.m. yesterday so the building could be cleaned. they've been camping out there two weeks to protest their governor's plan to eliminate collective bargaining for most public employees. the d.c. council is about to examine the accuracy of police and breath-testing equipment. a hearing is set for today. the council will hear testimony on incorrectly calibrated breath-testing equipment. councilman phil mendelson says the faulty quintet led prosecutors to drop a number
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drunken-driving cases. 6:17 on this monday. a shakespearean cartoon does well on oscar weekend at the box office. >> we begin with more optimism about the economy. economists are predicting growth of a 3.3% this year, up from their november estimate. they expect unemployment to remain high, ending around 9% this year. warren buffett is bullish on the u.s. in his annual letter to investors, he still believes that our best days are ahead. he said the housing recovery will likely begin within the next year, boosting the economy. did the morgan chase is said to be in talks to purchase a stake in twitter. if the deal would value the fast-growing technology company at more than $4 billion. "gnomeo and juliet had over
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$14 million in ticket sales at the box office in the top spot this weekend. that's your money scope report. a very springlike day and stormy like friday. >> temperatures and strong potential. severe storms possible especially around 3:00 p.m. let's first look at temperatures right now. 46 in the district, 47 in fredericksburg, 44 in martinsburg. a little cooler at 42 degrees along the water. let's look at live triple doppler radar. there are few sprinkles here and there. light showers along antes the 95 band stretching into montgomery county and southern maryland as well. a little action early this morning. there were showers overnight, have into district, a third of an inch in outlying suburbs. the mormore rain and potentially
6:20 am
damaging wind expected later this afternoon. it is a cold front off to our west right now. there's a sharp line of red. those are separate and storms moving through parts of kentucky, ohio, and into west virginia. this redbox that's a difficult to see on your screen in west virginia and kentucky and clipping southwestern virginia is a tornado watch. that's until 1:00 p.m. today. we could see watches and warnings of our own later on today. here's the timing of it. i thinks futurecast has a good handle on what time these storms will move in. i expect a line of thunderstorms moving into the metro area around 3:00 p.m. not exactly at 3:00, so give or take one hour or so or down 3:00. we could have a line of storms pushing in. it would be earlier northwest of the metro area and later than
6:21 am
that are other to the southeast. in terms of temperatures today, near 70. tomorrow, sunshine and in low 40's. dry weather for the rest of the work week. it's complicated. we've had a couple of accidents this morning. potential for sliding around because of the wet pavement. be careful. no major problems on the beltway or interstates. red line delay on metro rail. at the grosvenor station a problem has been taken care of, but there are still lingering delays. visibility is less than ideal. the pavement is still wet @ father hurley boulevard. headlights are southbound. amount 95 delays out of dale city getting to 123 and then out of lorton to springfield. 66 delays out of manassas from the rest area through centreville and then at 50, fair oaks. back to you. >> thank you. 47 degrees on this monday morning, 6:21.
6:22 am
>> the bigger deal is just hours away, the new faces who becoming to "dancing with the stars." >> " today on "oprah," has the ultimate oscar after-party, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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welcome back. looking at this day ahead, we will find out who will take to the floor for the next season of "dancing with the stars." windy williams, actress faye dunaway, former delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell, reality tv star candor baskin are among the possible candidates. >> do you have a favorite? >> faye dunaway would be great. i love that actress. -- i love that show. >> we have been talking a lot about the oscars this morning. >> it was a big night and a big tradition is the oscar after- parties. the vanity fair party is one of the big events. numerous stars attended and they all had something to say about the oscars results. >> i am thrilled for colin
6:26 am
firth and natalie portman. >> ipod ( montage was hilarious. and that's the way and james franco were great because they are completely opposite people. that's worked well. -- i love the opening montage. that was hilarious. >> she was a brown duck. >> besides talking about the winners, there was a lot of talk about what everybody was wearing. the best dressed and worst dressed. >> 6:26. in still another half-hour of good morning washington and. >> a 15-month traffic alert, where drivers will want to avoid as the district launches a new construction project. >> i will finally completely embraced it. i will love it violently. >> and abc exclusive, charlie sheen one-on-one. >> meteorologist adam caskey in
6:27 am
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> straight ahead, "the king's speech" takes center stage at the biggest night in hollywood. good morning, washington. it is monday, february 28. thank you for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we will have more of hollywood's golden knight in just a minute, but we begin with traffic and weather. a very spring-like today in terms of temperatures and storm potential. just a few sprinkles right now, especially east of 95. one has just popped up approaching rockville.
6:31 am
a few sprinkles. notice the temperatures shown in yellow. 45 in stafford. here is the storm scan, showing the active weather off to our west, even a tornado watch. we could have watches and warnings of our own leaders today, early afternoon, closer to 3:00 p.m. severe thunderstorms are possible. cooler and sonny tomorrow, in the 40's. >> slow traffic on 66. out of newington, approaching the icc, slow traffic on the wet pavement. 270, delays southbound, approaching 109. this camera shows you is going to be less than and desirable drive this morning because of the weather. more from the geico traffic
6:32 am
center cameras. now to news. the oscar celebrations continue after hollywood's biggest night, where the best and brightest were honored. >> anne hathaway and james franco entertained the audience, but "the king's speech" stole the show. >> is the 83rd annual academy awards. >> hollywood's biggest night turned into a coronation for "the king's speech." best movie. best director. >> tom burke, "the king's speech." -- tom hooper, "the king's speech." >> it also earned colin firth the best actor award. natalie portman for best actress in the "black swan." will she named her baby oscar? >> i think that is definitely
6:33 am
out of the question. >> melissa leo scored a hat as supporting actress for her role in "the fighter," and promptly dropped the f-bomb. christian bale won best supporting actor. anne hathaway and james franco began with a romp through scenes from the best pictures. they told people why they were chosen. >> you look so beautiful and so get. >> thank you. you look very appealing to a younger demographic as well. >> y "the king's speech" won most of the big awards, "inception" also won the same number. >> there were numerous oscar- watchers parties throughout our area. one black tie affair was the only officially-sanctioned
6:34 am
viewing party. abc 7's pamela brown emceed the event, raising about $8,000 for the american red cross. an abc news exclusive. troubled actor charlie sheen goes one-on-one in an interview that is scheduled to air this morning. in response to accusations that he is on drugs again -- he responds to accusations that he is on drugs again. >> short. -- sure. yeah. i'm on a drug again. it's called "at charlie sheen -- "charlie sheen." >> he has been in the headlines for a series of bizarre grants to radio stations as well as a -- bizarre rants to review stations as well as a stint in rehab.
6:35 am
we're coming up on 6:35. when d.c. police officer is in serious condition after getting hit by a car late last night on key bridge. courtney robinson is live at the hospital with more on what happened. >> we understand that charges are pending in this investigation against the driver in the car that hit the officer. the officer is here at george washington university hospital. he is in stable condition right now, inside the hospital. this is video you will only see here on seven. around 11:00 last night, officers tell us the officer was out on the key bridge investigating another crash. the car came from behind, hit him. he was thrown into the windshield. he was taken here to gw hospital for head injuries. he was in serious condition and has been upgraded to a stable condition. he is alert and conscious this
6:36 am
morning. we will continue falling this and bring you the latest as we hear it. cross is very much. there are reports that -- thank you very much. there are reports that a number of calls went unanswered last tuesday because there were not enough workers. employees have been placed on mandatory furloughs from now until july 31. emergency operation employees will stay home at least four days. on the hill, congress gets back to work today. lawmakers will try to pass a bill to keep the government running if the current funding bill expires on friday. if not, the government would shut down. one proposal is a bill to keep the government running until march 18, but with $4 billion in spending cuts. people are concerned about a
6:37 am
possible shutdown. hundreds of thousands of workers would be furloughed. d.c.'s government could also shut down. tourist attractions on the national mall would close. it is 47 degrees. >> still ahead, a traffic alert for drivers in the district. one major intersection between two popular neighborhoods will be getting a makeover. firs
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6:39 is your time. time to check in on traffic and weather. >> let's go to doug hill with this very interesting forecast. it is going to be released bringing -- really springy today. we will have gusty winds and another round of thunderstorms. the thunderstorms may be owed much wider issue -- a much wider issue. a few showers overnight, especially moving west to east, left to right on your screen. those yellow colors are heavier downpours, even some thunderstorms. this storm scan shows the bigger picture. it is a mess. there is a tornado watch across
6:41 am
portions of ohio, western virginia, with very heavy rain stretching from -- stretching across the area. that weather is coming here. adam has been sharing that time line with you. one of our computer models has that about right. the heavy showers will be approaching around 3:00 p.m. there will push through during the afternoon. we will have clear skies tonight. we will have gusty winds that could hit 70 -- and could hit 70 degrees or higher. a lot of possibilities. this is the last day of meteorological winter. >> thank you so much. let's go to lisa baden and traffic. >> we had delays earlier on red line. they have eased. we are back on full-service
6:42 am
systemwide. it is status quo would delays -- with the leas. slowed traffic expected at swan creek road. southbound on the baltimore- washington parkway, everything is open. a little bit of volume in laurel and cheverly. you have hit a backup at 202. there is a car fire near 450. the fire department is now on the scene taking care of that. back to the news desk. >> thank you. 47 degrees outside. 6:42. white house worries -- why republicans are not sharing their chances in 2012 -- cheering their chances in 2012. >> construction is on its way to
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coming up tonight at 5:00 -- the oscar is over -- oscar show is over, but planning for next year has already begun. join us at 5:00. >> welcome back. looking at today. there is a new slugging location in downtown washington. the old location was on 15th street between eighth street and york avenue. starting today, drivers can pick up passengers between 14th and 15th streets. >> we have another traffic alert. construction on the adams morgan streetscape project could cause delays for your morning commute. >> natasha barrett is live with what drivers need to know. good morning. >> good morning. we have seen a little hint of what is to come.
6:46 am
we have the orange signs -- the road closed signs. that will start happening tomorrow. here is more about the project. it is the 18th-street corridor from florida avenue to columbia road. this has been several years in the works. lots of years of planning. here are the changes -- basically, to improve the flow of traffic for drivers -- not just drivers. you run into more biker's going to and from work -- bikers going to and from work, so there are safety concerns. there will be improvements to separate the bikers from the drivers. also, wider sidewalks and better lighting. the big bar and restaurant scene makes that an issue. all of this will take about 15 months, starting tomorrow. it is a monday through saturday kind of kid.
6:47 am
u.s. construction going on from 7:00 a.m. -- you will see construction going on from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. traffic will be one lane in each direction. virginia lawmakers are sending governor bob mcdonnell and $80 million budget right now, offering more aid for public schools and the profoundly disabled and provides state aid to slow the rise in tuition at state-supported universities and colleges. he will only get about $150 million of the money he asked for for transportation. maryland lawmakers will hold a hearing on the bill to legalize -- medical marijuana. the house wanted more time to study that bill. let's go back to our cheap meteorologist doug hill with the latest on this stormy day --
6:48 am
chief meteorologist doug hill with the latest on this stormy day. we had some showers overnight. we will have sunshine, gusty winds, warming temperatures that will feel like spring, then showers and thunderstorms. let's look at our baked ham -- bay cam over the chesapeake bay. daylight-savings time will kick in. there are a few clouds out there. 43 degrees at chesapeake beach. the rest of the area right now, temperatures cool, but comfortable. the numbers are in the 40's. 47 degrees at children's hospital, which picked up 1/2 an inch of rain overnight. some sprinkles moving out across the bay and the immediate metro area, 7 montgomery county. heavier showers and storms moving across western maryland, garrett and allegany counties.
6:49 am
this is part of a much larger system. look at those colors. this is indicating heavier downpours moving across ohio and western virginia. that line is heading here later this afternoon. before that happens, we're going to break into some sunshine with gusty, southerly winds. temperatures will be into the 70's in many areas. some of this afternoon's storms will be severe. tomorrow, a bright, sunny day. our forecast is for the roller- coaster to continue. storm wise, today will be the worst of it. do not be surprised if you see a severe squander storm or tornado watch issued later today -- severe thunderstorm or tornado watch issued later today. >> thank you, doug.
6:50 am
let's check in on traffic with lisa baden. any major issues? >> we had a sick customer on the red line train, but that has been taking care of and metrorail service is back to normal. southbound baltimore washington parkway is open. speaking of southbound, the geico traffic center camera, 270 leaving 80 to get to 109. northbound 95 in virginia -- delays are status quo. we turn out to today's "politico minute." the white house fight in 2012. the gop admits taking down obama could be a tough task. >> political cold play --
6:51 am
islitico's" mike allen joining us now. >> it looks like we will have a shorter list than we expected, partly because republicans are starting to think president obama looks formidable. it was only a few months ago that we were talking about the fact that, for republicans, this nomination looked worth having. they liked the idea of taking on president obama. not so much anymore. even rove says not so much. mike huckabee says he is not someone you can take on easily. >> is there anyone who is a potential front-runner? >> there is no clear front runner. mitt romney is the one to beat. he has been there before and done well in the primaries. a first candidate out of the gates is newt gingrich.
6:52 am
he will form an exploratory committee. he has lots of ideas. he does not get much chance to talk about his agenda. there will also be scrutiny for being the only guy out there. clarence thomas is in the news today. >> we got some audio of a speech that justice thomas gave to some young, conservative lawyers, where he defended both his wife, who has been doing lobbying, and he said he agrees with her about the tea party. justice thomas has gone five years without answering questions in formal argument, on the outside, defending his beliefs. >> thank you. beliefs. >> thank you.
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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ this morning -- the oscar party were son -- party roars on. britney spears has an announcement that has everyone talking. it is becoming an oscar tradition -- jimmy kimmel's oscar night special. >> this year was no exception. >> apparently, there are a number of women on what they're
6:56 am
calling the "black swan" diet, inspired by the way natalie portman lost weight to start as a ballet dancer -- star as a ballet dancer. >> the good year version of the show included appearances from tom hanks -- glitzier version of the show included appearances from tom hanks to lindsay lohan. let's go to lisa baden. >> no one is laughing on the baltimore-washington parkway. it is a bummer northbound. across the 14th street bridge, the beltway is quiet here at connecticut avenue. it is drawing out for now. >> the sprinkles are pushing over the bay, but we will have thunderstorms this afternoon, probably around 3:00 p.m., give or take. some thunderstorms will be severe. enjoy the warmth today, near 70
6:57 am
for highs. much cooler, with temperatures all over the place for the rest of the week. >> that does it for us. more news at 7:26. >> that does it for us. more news at 7:26. it's easy to spot a capital one bank.
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